32159 dental office

32159 Dental Office

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Teeth whitening in 32159

32159 dental office
32159 dental office

Why are your teeth in need of whitening? It’s often a combination of everyday habits, along with the natural loss of tooth enamel as you age. You don’t have to just accept the outcome, though. At First Impressions Dental Care, we make it simple, safe, and convenient for you to get the whiter smile you want and deserve.

You may wonder why you should get teeth whitening treatment from our 32159 dental office instead of one of the many other options you have, many of which line the shelves of drug stores and supermarkets. The answer can be found in the results as well as in the ingredients. Over-the-counter methods generally provide minimal results, not the ones you’re looking for. They may be suitable for maintenance, but typically not for transforming your smile from stained to brilliant. And if they have abrasive ingredients, they’re dangerous for your enamel, which is something you most certainly would like to avoid. At our 32159 dental office, you’ll come in to have impressions taken so that custom-made whitening trays can be fashioned for you. They’re comfortable and you wear them when it’s convenient. Generally, that would be at night for 2 to 3 hours. The effects are gradual but noticeable. As the trays release whitening solution, those stains that have marred your smile are broken down and washed away. All that’s left is your own appealing smile. You can expect the look of brighter teeth to last you for a year or up to several years, depending on how well you maintain them and whether you engage in things like smoking, drinking tea or coffee, or other drinks and foods that are closely linked to teeth stains.

Reach out to our 32159 dental office right now and book an appointment to come in. You’re going to love how your smile looks thanks to our whitening treatment.

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