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It’s such an exciting moment when your baby gets her or his very first tooth. It’s one of many firsts that are so fulfilling and memorable for parents. And in the case of teeth, it’s also a sign to ramp up your strategy for oral hygiene that will improve the chances of your child being free of cavities moving forward. Here at First Impressions Dental Care, we’re here from the start, and remain so throughout his or her childhood, providing excellent care, as well as valuable advice and guidance that will be of tremendous help at home, between your visits to our Lady Lake family dentist.

There is significant benefit, as it turns out, to getting started before that first tooth erupts. Wipe your baby’s gums after feedings with a soft cloth that has been moistened with warm water. Of course, the appearance of his or her first tooth will soon be followed by more. Those baby teeth will only be around for a few years, but they have an important job to do in the meantime. In addition to serving as placeholders for the adult teeth that will grow in later one, they are there to facilitate chewing and to assist in speech development. There is a schedule, which has some variation, during which it is expected that baby teeth will fall out. Our Lady Lake family dentist wants you to know that alterations in that schedule, such as when a tooth has to be extracted due to infection or advanced decay, creates complications that may result in teeth shifting and insufficient space for the new teeth to erupt. But by adhering to simple at-home strategies and visiting our office two times per year for an examination and cleaning, you will be greatly improving the odds of your child having no such complications.

Bring your baby in for the very first time. Our Lady Lake family dentist is looking forward to seeing you both. Contact us now to schedule a time.

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