Lady Lake root canal

Lady Lake Root Canal

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Root canal therapy in Lady Lake

Inside your tooth is a delicate pulp, and right next to that is the nerve. When infection or other harm occurs to the pulp, you need root canal therapy. At First Impressions Dental Care, you can be assured that this non-surgical procedure is performed expertly and gently, with the priority being saving your tooth so that it will remain viable in the long run.

Every tooth is equipped with protective layers that are called enamel and dentin. They keep the pulp and nerve safe from the consequences of bacteria. But when you have a large cavity, an existing filling has become loose, a filling has fallen out, or the tooth is chipped or fractured, bacteria has a way inside. You’ll know that you need a Lady Lake root canal when you feel pain, especially from touching the tooth or chewing with it. That pain can be mild at first, but may escalate to excruciating without any warning at all. That’s why it is very important to seek our help right away. Among the other symptoms you might notice are sensitivity to hot and cold, gum tenderness, and tooth discoloration. When you come in, our dentist examines the tooth and surrounding area, and x-rays are taken to verify what is going on inside the tooth. Our Lady Lake root canal involves removing the pulp and nerve, cleaning and sealing the canals, and then fitting you with a dental crown to restore the tooth to full size. It is also possible that dental trauma, such as when your tooth gets dislodged or knocked free from its socket, can lead to root canal therapy.

If you are suffering with any of the above listed symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact our office. We will have you seen right away and if you need our Lady Lake root canal, you will receive prompt treatment.

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